From the recording Tell Us Of The Night

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Sleep Holy Infant Sleep
From La Fiesta de la Posada
Composer: Dave Brubeck
Text: Iola Brubeck
Sleep, holy infant, sleep
Thy Light has filled our darkness
Angels herald Thy birth
Shepherds run from the field
Wisemen cross the barren earth
Thou art Christ
Copyright: 1976 St. Francis Music Co. and Malcolm Music Ltd.
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
From the opera Hansel and Gretel
Composer: Englebert Humperdinck
Librettist: Constance Bache
When at night I go to sleep, fourteen angels watch do kee
Two my head are guarding, two my feet are guiding,
Two are on my right hand, two are on my left hand,
Two who warmly cover, two who o’er me hover,
Two to whom tis given to guide my steps to Heaven.
G. Schirmer, Inc.