1. Bright Star

From the recording Tell Us Of The Night

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Bright Star
(Light Of The World)
Composer: Norman Dello Joio
Bright star, clear in the sky, shining down on the Babe
O lead us to the manger place that we may kneel in the door
Bright star, flame in the sky, light the road we must take
To find an infant
king this day, that we may sing His praise
Come rejoice all men of good will, a savior is born unto you
Oh, star bright, star of the night, light up the dark of our souls
Bright star high in the sky, O shine down on the Babe
And on his mother, the virgin f
air, who holds him close through the night!
Bright star, so clear in the sky, star of this night, shine on!
Shine down for eternity.
Bright star, light of the world!
C. 1968 Edward B. Marks Co. copyright renewed