1. Stars

From the recording Let It Go

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Ed Bogas
© 2010 DeSagob Music

Stars, millions and billions of stars
Each one impossibly large
Many larger than even our sun
We’re surrounded by miracles every day
We are witness to wonder every way that we turn

Atoms, billions and trillions of atoms
Each one impossibly small
Yet they make up every star
We’re surrounded by miracles every night
We are witness to wonder as we stand in the light

Forces, some that draw us together
Others that drive us apart
Some that we measure with numbers
Others we feel with our hearts
And our minds, that reach so very far
Measuring the distance to a star
Wondering why things rise and fall
And the meaning of it all

Souls, millions and billions of souls
Each one impossibly whole
Searching for meaning and truth
We’re made up of miracles
We’re part of a universe of miracles
The wonder and the wonderer are one
We’re one