From the recording From Where He Stands

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From Where He Stands

Music by Désiré Goyette
Lyrics: Désirée Goyette

From where he stands everything’s taken care of
Ev’ry one has their share of what they need
Held in His hands there’s not a thing to be afraid of
Loving away the shade of wondering where this life will lead

From where he stands I can see the shadows fading
The darkness masquerading as the light
And as I see myself the way Love sees me
The image of it frees me from the struggle, from the fight

So wide awake, I become a dancer,
Living just to answer Love’s commands
Never again to fall from where He stands

From where He stands there are no conflicting voices
Forcing me to choices far from Soul
As I receive the message Love is sending
I hear the voices blending what was sep’rate now is whole

And through Love’s eyes I see my true reflection
Sense the sweet perfection of His plan
Growing is just discovering, seeking and then uncovering,
No longer marking time on shifting sands

Ev’rything’s crystal clear from where He stands.

Copyright 1995
Lightchild Publishing