From the recording From Where He Stands

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Voices Of Spring

Music by Désirée Goyette
Words based upon an essay by Mary Baker Eddy

“Spring, waking up the world” fills the earth with hieroglyphs of Love
“The snowbird chirps, the brooklet sings” as the breeze whistles through the air
“The white winged dove” cradles her young with a tender “mother’s evening prayer”

Like a bending alder looking through a “water mirror”
Shaking its leafy hair, let us “look through Love’s transparency”
To find God’s image there

And like the tender blade of grass, shall we with patient poise
Fill each and ev’ry “returning year” with “purer peace and higher joys!”
Then “goodness will have its springtide of freedom”

As we lift our heads like violets to the heav’ns above
And let “man, more friendly call his race as gently as the springtide
As the springtide of Christ’s dear love.”

Copyright 1994
Lightchild Publishing