From the recording From Where He Stands

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Bless His Holy Name

Music by Désirée Goyette
Words adapted from The Bible (Psalms)

Praise ye the mighty King
Praise Him in the highest
Praise ye the heav’nly Father
Bless His holy name

Praise Him, Praise Him on the trumpet
Praise Him with a ten-stringed instrument
Praise Him with the psalt’ry, with the cymbal, with the cornet!

Thank you Lord, full of grace
For your love which fills all time and space, thank you Lord
For each bright, blessed day, and yout tender, chast’ning, guiding way
Thank you Lord

Only Truth I see, reflected Lord from Thee
Only Love reflecting in love

Thank you Lord, Gracious Peace
For your angels bringing sweet release
Thank you, Lord.

Copyright 1994
Lightchild Publishing